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Kerry is a swimming instructor and Advanced Aquaphobia Coach. She has her own story to tell, having overcome her own fear of diving deep underwater.  Her experience has taught Kerry our fear can come from many places and it is very difficult to recognise and overcome this on your own.  With over 12 years experience teaching both adults and children, Kerry has a strong ability to move you or your child forward regardless of any obstacles or challenges you may be facing.  Seeing you move forward and build an enjoyable relationship with swimming is one of Kerry's biggest passions.

Kerry takes an unique approach to teaching both one-to-ones and classes ensuring all the student’s individual needs are met.  Class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 4 students.  For children, parents are given the opportunity for a Meet & Greet before and after any sessions to discuss progress, concerns and successes. Kerry's aim is to make the experience enjoyable and easy for all involved.
For those who know they hold fears and anxiety regarding water and/or swimming and would like to overcome this Kerry offers a specific programme to help you.  This programme has 12 steps and is taken at your own pace - Aquaphobia APL Programme

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Swimming Lessons & Aquaphobia Lessons 
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Venue:  The Holiday Inn, London Road, Wrotham Heath, Sevenoaks, TN15 7RS
Under current restrictions we can offer: 
  • Adult One to Ones (over 18s)
  • Family Bubble Lessons (adults and/or children from one individual bubble)
Strict COVID-19 Guidelines are in the place at the venue, if you require further information regarding this please contact us here
LESSONS will be available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
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Please Note: Current Government Guidelines still apply to All Swimming Lessons June 2021 and
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KB Swim & Coaching is all about:
AquaPhobia: Do You Have Any Fears related to Swimming?
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There are many reasons why adults and children fear water, you may not realise just how common it is. Fears stop you in your life.  Some people are even afraid to put their faces under the shower and get wet.  How does your fear limit you? 

Wherever you are starting the ALP programme will help you to let those fears be a thing of the past. On your first session you will join Kerry on the Aquaphobia Workshop Meet & Greet, which will take place away from the pool. Together you'll address your questions and concerns; talk through the ALP programme and assess where you can start.  All sessions after this will be at your own pace in the pool...You'll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Currently available in Kent & surrounding areas.
Swimming ... 10 Most Talked About Topics in swimming 
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10 Top Topics
* I can swim but I can't breathe
* I don't like putting my face in  water
* I can't float
* I have nearly drowned
* I have been pushed in
* I watched a friend drown
* I don't like being splashed
* I can't swim on my back
* No one has been able to teach  me yet  
* I am going on holiday and I really   want to learn how to swim
* I don't know why but the thought just really scares me!

Whether it is fear holding you back or technique, confidence or ability Kerry is skilled in helping you move forward.  Classes & 1:1s available for adults and children

Bodywork: What You Need to Know About Massage/Reiki 
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Did you know that massage helps with releasing tension, anxiety and stresses held within your body allowing you to move more freely and feel good.

Reiki can also help you achieve these things, in a gentle non-invasive way. 

A session with Kerry may help you:
  • Release tight muscles
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Gain greater Energy
  • ​Release pain & discomfort
  • ​Rehabilitate post injury
  • ​Improve sleep patterns
  • ​Achieve a greater sense of Balance and Wellbeing

See What Aquaphobic Coaching Can Do for YOU

Maria Austen Achieved This!

"...I am absolutely amazed; I still cannot believe it and none of my family can believe it either, it has changed my life and everyone who is close to me. I am so glad I went for the Aquaphobia Learning Programme and those lessons with Kerry, who will always be an Aquaphobia Angel to me."

Maria Austen ....
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Massage & Reiki Appointments are now resumed 2021
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Aquaphobia Workshop Meet & Greets
Time to let those fears go, join us on the meet and greet session. In the current climate these can take place in person or via video link where appropriate. 
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What People Are Saying:
"... I now encourage my peers who have the same problem has I did to get involved in learning how to swim"
Jeff Payne  Gravesend
My reason for wanting to learn to swim was a bad experience I had as a child. I was pushed into a swimming pool, split my head open and sunk to the bottom.
It felt like an eternity before I was saved and that experience made me have a fear of being in water above waist height. I also didn't feel able to join in with my friends/family in the pool or sea on holidays, and I got fed up of explaining why. The turning point for me was my friends daughters offering to teach me to swim and that pushed me to learn...
I looked on line and was lucky enough to see a competition for free lessons and won. I thought, go for it and if I got to scared well at least I tried. I went along to my first lesson and to say I was scarred is an understatement, but I persevered with Kerry’s encouragement. I pushed myself to keep going to the lessons and with Kerry’s coaching, I gained confidence and I am slowly getting there. She is such a kind and patient teacher, and has got me to a level I never thought I would ever achieve, I now have the confidence and belief that I will be able to swim one day soon. This is all because of Kerry and without her help, I know I would never have been able to do this. I can’t praise her enough and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has difficulty with swimming...

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More of What People Are Saying:
"...I've always had fears of stepping into water or a pool due to past negative experiences "
Jamz Gravesend 
The main reason I decided to come to swimming lessons was because I wanted to not only learn how to swim but to also conquer my fear of getting into water. I've always had fears of stepping into water or a pool due to past negative experiences I've had. Since I met Kerry, she has not only helped me regain my confidence but she has also helped me become more brave and independent. I now not only feel comfortable stepping in a pool but my swimming technique and ability has also improved. Kerry has helped me find a love for swimming and I now encourage my peers who have the same problem as I did to get involved in learning how to swim. It's a skill for life. 
I would recommend Kerry to anyone who is wishing to learn how to swim or just to simply improved their overall confidence and conquer their fears because Kerry is very understanding and patient. She takes her time to get to know you and creates a safe environment to learn from. Kerry approaches her swimming lessons from a psychological perspective and then gradually she introduces you to a step by step progression phase.
I will never forget the number I started from when I started learning to swim with Kerry, now I can proudly say to kerry that my number is "1".
Thank you so much Kerry for your hard work and enthusiastic approach. You have truly helped to change my view and given me a more proactive approach to life.

"Each week, my daughter would cry, fight against me and refuse to get into the water"
We first met Kerry 2 and half years when she became my children's swimming teacher. At the time, my son was 7 years old and my daughter was 5 years old and both of them were unsure of the water and their own swimming ability. My daughter had higher anxiety levels in the water as she had not been attending swimming lessons as long as my son had. We had recently moved their lessons to a new pool and the change of teacher and location affected both my children. Kerry recognised this immediately and began to support my children in improving their confidence and easing their worries. She gave them constant reassurance and proved to them that the water was of no danger to them.
As a parent, I only want my children to be happy and safe - and I feel that swimming is such an important life skill to have. Each week, my daughter would cry, fight against me and refuse to get into the water. Even when I used to put her in the water, she would cry the whole time she was swimming. It broke my heart to watch this on a weekly basis and I questioned whether this stress was all worth it. Kerry was not just there for my children but she also supported and guided me with how best to deal with the 'melt downs'. I made small changes like getting my daughter in her swimming costume before we left for the pool and ensuring I had given my daughter plenty of warning that swimming was going to happen so she had time to prepare for what was going to happen. I even pulled silly faces at the side of the pool to try and keep my daughter relaxed in the pool. Over time, my daughter has gone from strength to strength with her swimming because Kerry has shown her that there is nothing to be frightened off. The best thing Kerry ever did for my daughter was showing her that it was impossible to sink - this immediately took the fear factor away from my daughter and now she is ready to push herself and wants (to) succeed. Kerry makes my daughter feel energised!!
When we changed location for their swimming lessons, my son was more worried about the change in adults, different children in his group and the new pool. He too used to have "melt downs" because he didn't like the change. It was a very difficult time for myself as I take both my children to lessons on my own. My emotions were pushed to their limits and as my son is two years older, he knew exactly what to say to hurt me. Cue Kerry to the rescue again!! She spoke to Alfie on his level, reassured him and encouraged him constantly as he swam. Little things, like she knew he preferred having the red noodle/floats to help him with his swimming (as it's his favourite colour), this immediately made my son feel at ease. Now my son enjoys swimming and he can't wait to jump in the pool and show off what he can do! I soon learnt from working with Kerry that Alfie's trigger was change and the way I manage those moments e.g. when he changes groups, is that he has to watch the first lesson so he can suss out the expectations of the group and the children. Then the following week he would happily jump in and join his new group.
Kerry has been absolutely amazing for my children's confidence and making them feel at ease. It is not just about teaching children to swim for Kerry, it is about taking children's fears and anxieties away! She shows the children how to enjoy swimming and that the water is not a danger to them. Swimming is a life skill and Kerry definitely teaches the children this! She has a passion that I have never seen in any other swimming teacher and has helped my children and myself get through some intense times. I honestly believe that she has helped shaped my children and I am so thankful to her (for) everything!

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